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Drapery Fabric designed by Ronald Redding for York
 Drapery Fabric designed by Ronald Redding for York

    There is a reason why they are called "living areas": living rooms, family rooms, great rooms, and dens- we spend so much time there.  Whether your style is formal, informal, classic, or sophisticated, we know you want it to be comfortable and inviting.  Add to that durable and within the budget! 

   We'll start getting to know you by asking lots of questions:  what are your favorite colors, and your least favorites, too.  The needs and wants of your family, and how you live and entertain are primary in developing just the right interior design for you.  

   Partners in Design works with many different resources: suppliers, workrooms, installers, and custom fabricators.  They are all experts at what they do, helping us to create your unique interior with the highest possible standards of quality.   

   Did you know that you don't need to have won the lottery to work with an interior designer?  We will help you determine a long range plan, and then implement it, project by project, whenever the time is right.