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   Your kitchen: the heart of the home.  We all need to eat, right?  So whether you want a full gourmet kitchen designed for multiple cooks, or a space for a quick meal/command center for a family on the go (soccer games, little league, dance class, band concerts- you know what we're talking about!), Partners in Design will plan your new kitchen or redesign your existing space.  

   Cabinetry can be custom "furniture" for your new kitchen, semi-custom, or a more budget-friendly refinishing of the existing with new doors and hardware. 

   There are so many beautiful flooring materials to choose from: classic tile can be porcelain, ceramic, a composite, or even vinyl.  Hardwoods used in the kitchen have highly durable finishes, and are often in an exotic wood such as Brazilian cherry.  Sustainable "green" materials are cork and bamboo, in many different colors and designs.

   Countertops can be traditional tile or granite, one of the new quartz surfaces, or the very chic polished concrete.

   So many choices!  Partners in Design will help you decide which ones are right for you.