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Wallpaper by York; Custom Sheer Curtains
Wallpaper by York; Custom Sheer Curtains

   Dining rooms are taking on whole new personalities, from the formal, occasional use, to even doubling as libraries!  However you want to use your space, we can design it to be specific to your style and needs.

   Often, a dining room is designed to complement an existing rug, piece of art, or even a china pattern to be displayed.  We will take that inspiration and add the decorative elements that best showcase your favorite things.  Or we can provide the inspiration through new, and soon-to-be favorite things!

   Wall coverings by Thibaut and York: paper, grass cloth, or a dramatic paint finish in the dining room are a wonderful way to add  a sophisticated style that is uniquely yours. 

   Custom window treatments are one of our specialties at Partners in Design.  From personalized design to expert installation, we will handle all the details, using our library of fabrics such as Kravet and Fabricut, and our talented fabricators.

   Of course beautiful lighting fixtures are key elements: chandeliers, wall sconces, and buffet lamps, adding the perfect combination of glamour and function.  Partners in Design will find just the right choice from our extensive resources.