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Commercial Interior Design



     Businesses need to create a positive impression, one that communicates confidence and the ability to provide services or products.  A well-designed establishment helps give that security to your customers.   

    Partners in Design strives to create commercial spaces that are warm and inviting, rather than the typical "same old" sterile environments that many businesses and medical offices have. 

    After initial interviews with the owners, our designs are tailored to the individual needs of their clients or patients, and employees.  It may be that an energizing and exciting interior is appropriate for the space, or one that is calm and reassuring.  The process may involve working with builders and blueprints, or be a simple refreshing and updating of a tired space.  Partners in Design will also help you plan for future growth and the expansion of your business.

    Of course, Partners in Design uses excellent quality commercial grade wall coverings, carpeting, fabrics, and furniture to insure that our clients have durable and long-lasting value in the interiors we design for them.